Globes: Weebit Nano and Skywater have Signed a Swap Agreement | Ariel Malik

אריאל מליק

As reported on the “Globes” website, the Israeli company  Weebit Nano and the American Skywater have signed a joint  employment agreement. Weebit Nano produces state-of-the-art volatile memory technology that holds information even when there is no electricity. The vision, idea and creative work of Weebit Nano has led it to trade on the Australian Stock […]

Ariel Malik: “Global Warming is Much More Aggressive Than We Thought”

אריאל מליק

The Guardian recently reported that the UN warns of extreme and irreversible climate change which will be destructive, unprecedented, and irreversible. Businessman and entrepreneur Ariel Malik: “The report certainly shows everyone’s great concern – global warming is much more aggressive and severe than we thought. In the next 10 or 15 years the damage is […]

Paradigm Geophysical Was Sold for 100 Million Dollar with the Help of Ariel Malik

Ariel Malik

Globes news reported that Paradigm Geophysical, an Israeli company that provides services and software to the oil industry , has been sold to the well-known American investment company “Fox Paine”. Ariel Malik was interviewed for Globes article and said: “The initial connection between Fox Paine and Paradigm Geophysical was formed several months ago, right after […]