Soon: Homes in Israel will become power stations

Ariel Malik

The most effective solution seen in the near and long term, which will really move the country to an established option of using green electricity, sufficiently and logically is the installation of a micro-grid which is actually a small power grid for generating and storing electricity in buildings from private residences to nursing homes, hospitals and many more.

Today there are quite a few companies that can install gas turbines and a mixture of natural and hydrogen gas, while in the near future pure hydrogen will also be converted to green energy of hydrogen. In fact the building will become a station that beyond producing energy also consumes energy.

When the solar panels or wind turbines generated electricity and hydrogen to be stored in the building itself. This is an installation of a system that does not take up much space, it is about the size of an electrical cabinet. Next to the panels and the wind turbine will be a gas turbine that is powered by hydrogen or gas that will transfer most of the electricity consumption it needs to the building. Only during peak hours when most of the building’s occupants are in and using electricity, will the building also take electricity from the main grid for the gap from self-production.

The most important advantage of this method, beyond being green, is also one that does not need to replace the current power grid, can also grow with the demand that has grown and gradually and is already applicable today. One can only hope and hope that the state will act in this way because the outdated electricity grid in the country no longer meets the electricity requirements of the modern green era to which we are rapidly advancing.

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