Ariel Malik: “Companies like CTW are the Bridge Between the Academia and the People”

ariel malik

סמל 'אומת על ידי הקהילה'

The academic world has always been one of the most important sources of technological patents. In fact, progress, technology and the modern way of life can be attributed to the academy and the researchers who work for hours and trying to renew human knowledge and make it useful for us. At the same time, keep in mind that not only academia is the driving force behind technological advancement but also the business world- that the desire to develop financially is almost as strong as the desire to find a cure for cancer or solve the problem of air pollution.

This is why the combination of the world of academia and the business world is a great combination. The best researchers in universities have been conducting research for years, but only with the help of business feasibility their discoveries can reach the masses and change the world. That’s why Ariel Malik, a businessman and entrepreneur, founded CTW – the acronym for “Changing the World”, which has been specializing since 2003 in the development of groundbreaking technologies at institutes and universities around the world. CTW specializes in technologies in the fields of biotechnology, medicine, green energy, water, and food and more. “We decided to set up CTW in order to make the world a better place, and money is a by – product of our operations,” Ariel Malik told us. “There’s no shame in that. It’s amazing to know that you can change the lives of so many people for the better”.

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