What’s going to happen to the batteries of the electric vehicles? An Opinion By Ariel Malik

ariel malik

Electric vehicles are the future. When traveling to Los Angeles, one can not notice the electric charging stations. They are evreywhere. But not everything is pink (or green, to be honest). There is a problem with the recycling of electric car batteries. It turns out that it is much easier for the battery manufacturers of electric vehicles to produce batteries from new materials instead of recycled materials, thus the “green effect” of the electric car fades.

We asked Buisnessman Ariel Malik what he thinks about this important issue and this is what he replied: “There is no doubt that the future of the green world is in the recycle of electric car batteries. This is going to be a huge problem once the use of electric cars increases in the population. In my opinion, anyone who invests in the field of battery recycling of electric cars will make a furtone l in the future. ”

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