Ariel Malik: “Global Warming is Much More Aggressive Than We Thought”

אריאל מליק

The Guardian recently reported that the UN warns of extreme and irreversible climate change which will be destructive, unprecedented, and irreversible.

Businessman and entrepreneur Ariel Malik: “The report certainly shows everyone’s great concern – global warming is much more aggressive and severe than we thought. In the next 10 or 15 years the damage is likely to be large as the damage that was previously thought to take another 40-50 years to occur. There is no doubt that the only hope is a massive investment by the business world.  We need a serious integration between the business world and the political world, otherwise, we will reach the state of Armageddon. Everyone will continue to hope for the best, they will continue to hope that someone will do something about it, and in the end we will drown like the Titanic.”

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